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I can’t believe: “The Layguide”

As usual my coworkers and i, were on our break time and we went to Plaza del Sol Mall, and after been walking around the mall, i got into Gonvil’s bookstore, because i was looking for “Darkly Dreaming Dexter” book (TV Show Dexter was based on that book). Everything was ok, i found the book, but what was my surprise when i saw like three rows above (the books were on a stand like 5 columns by 8 rows) a book called “Como coger con todas” which is literally in english “How to fuck with every chick”.

As a good geek i googled the author (Tony Clink, if you want to buy his book, sardonic tone off) and i found that the original title for thisĀ  book is “The Layguide” and it has different versions such as: “How to Seduce Women More Beautiful Than You Ever Dreamed Possible (no Matter what You Look Like Or how Much You Make)“, “How to Become the Ultimate Pick-up Artist“, “The Rules of the Game” and many others.

So, what you think?, Are you going to buy this book?, Do you really need it (loser)?

The Layguide in Mexico

"The Layguide" in Mexico

The Layguide in Spain

"The Layguide" in Spain

The Layguide the original one

"The Layguide" the original one


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