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IMAX, Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen

Yesterday I went to the movie theater located in Galerias Mall to watch Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen.

I’m gonna say one thing: It was frigging awesome!

It was worth to arrive 3 hours before (I bought the tickets since Monday) because I was the first in the line and therefore I was able to pick the best seats.

I remember just 3 IMAX scenes:

  1. The fight in the woods
  2. When the twins are fighting against the “big merged thing”
  3. When the “big merged thing” it’s on the pyramid

Is there any other IMAX scene?




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3 Geek Designs That I Would Put On A T-Shirt

I’m a Nintendo big fan (specially of Zelda games), so when I saw these designs a got so excited. The third one is not from Nintendo, but is still cool.

About the author, he was born in the UK in 1987 (he’s as old as me!!), and you can find more of his work here.

If you don’t recognize the Badfellas here’s the list:

  1. Darth Vader
  2. Terminator
  3. Zombie
  4. Freddie Krueger
  5. Space Invader
  6. Megatron
  7. Gojira
  8. Agent Smith
  9. Goomba

C’mon, I know that you want to give me a T-Shirt!!

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Back To The Future: License Plate

Who doesn’t want this license plate?
You can get it only for $29.99 USD; those who live in Mexico as me, don’t even think about it, ThinkGeek does not ship to our contry (there are always other ways to get it, a.k.a. Merkalink, but those are too much expensive).

License Plate
Back To The Future: License Plate

 P.S. I love this movie since i was a child.

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