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3 Geek Designs That I Would Put On A T-Shirt

I’m a Nintendo big fan (specially of Zelda games), so when I saw these designs a got so excited. The third one is not from Nintendo, but is still cool.

About the author, he was born in the UK in 1987 (he’s as old as me!!), and you can find more of his work here.

If you don’t recognize the Badfellas here’s the list:

  1. Darth Vader
  2. Terminator
  3. Zombie
  4. Freddie Krueger
  5. Space Invader
  6. Megatron
  7. Gojira
  8. Agent Smith
  9. Goomba

C’mon, I know that you want to give me a T-Shirt!!


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Back To The Future: License Plate

Who doesn’t want this license plate?
You can get it only for $29.99 USD; those who live in Mexico as me, don’t even think about it, ThinkGeek does not ship to our contry (there are always other ways to get it, a.k.a. Merkalink, but those are too much expensive).

License Plate
Back To The Future: License Plate

 P.S. I love this movie since i was a child.

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10 Things to do in 2009

This is my personal to-do list for this new year:

  1. Get my CCNA certification
  2. Lose at least 5 fat kilograms
  3. Get a better job (if it’s related with networking is better)
  4. Improve my English
  5. Read The Lord Of The Rings Saga (Hobbit, Fellowship of the Ring, Two Towers, Return of the King) and more books if it’s possible
  6. Learn how to play the bass guitar
  7. Take some Vacations
  8. Learn how to administrate Unix
  9. Get a videogames console (Wii, XBOX360 or PS3)
  10. Post a little bit more

What am i doing to achieve those to-do?

  1. I’m taking a certification course @CUCEA besides that i bought a CCNA book.
  2. I got a suscription for a year at the gym.
  3. I’m improving my english skills and i’m learning Cisco :D.
  4. I’m writing, i’m reading and i’m watching TV in english even though my first language is Spanish.
  5. I purchased the LOTR saga and i got some other books at the FIL (International Book Fair) to read them.
  6. I have my bass guitar and some learning methods, i just need an amplifier.
  7. I’m saving some money, because on 2008 i didn’t have any vacations, so 2009 would be a good year to do so.
  8. On my actual job, i noticed that Unix is a good tool and most of the systems nowadays are using it (i’m not doing anything to achieve this one, but i could get a book or read in internet about it).
  9. I want a lot of things, but i’ll start with the cheaper one (i’m saving money for this one as well).
  10. I’m posting right now ;-).

Do you have a to-do list for this 2009? Is there something that couldn’t be done on 2008 and you’re gonna do it this 2009?




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